Monday, April 27, 2009

My Haiku


Shinny waterfall

Glorous water you are

The rainbow loves you

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Research

The Disaster of the Tornado

Tornadoes are very dangerous in the world and this research will tell you why. It also explains how strong they are, and what you can do to be safe incase of one.
Tornadoes can go to 200 from 480 miles per hour and that’s faster than a car. They are created when cold air tries to catch the hot air, while the hot air is trying to catch the cold air; and all this spinning in a great velocity creating a tornado. They can happen when little rain is coming and strong, cold, and hot winds from the North and the South Pole as well as from the equator get to get there.
In U.S.A there are places were most powerful tornadoes have happened and have destroyed many things. Every year 2000 people die because of strong tornadoes in U.S.A. The most powerful tornadoes come in February, and happen most of the time in the places that are plain in the temperate latitudes.
Tornadoes can happen at any time so be careful. We don’t know when a tornado might occur; however, animals can sense if a natural disaster is going to come or to occur. Tornadoes can bring thunders, lightings, hails, strong wind, and fire if a lightning hits a tree. They can destroy or cut anything on its way.
Tornadoes are very strong and at the same time very dangerous. A tornado can clear-cut a pathway a mile wide and 50 miles long. A tornado can lift up a house, cars, trains, and other heavy objects. If people want to be alive when a tornado comes and they are in their houses, they must get away from the windows because if not the tornado will break the window and take them away. It is important to find an underground place. If people follow this advise they will be alive.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Poem


A ghost comes in silently…
Like a thief or a snake
As the wind blows
It makes the city dark.
It frightens all people around
With his evil way of looking.
He has the power of chaos and doom;
He destroys with no mercy.
His sharp teeth and his red eyes
Are the only things that gloom in the dark…
Somewhere in the city, somewhere in the world…
An unknown and mysterious sound appears and disappears
Without anybody knowing.
Now it leaves our place with the hope disaster,
And the hope of coming back
On another full moon night…

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Narrative

Waves vs. Sung Jae Ko

On December 2008, during my Winter Vacation, my father decided to go to
Cancun in Mexico. My family and a friend of my dad with his wife or girlfriend came
with us, too.
When I was at the Barcelo hotel in Cancun, I decided to go to the beach with my dad’s friend. I was swimming, and I wanted to see who was faster a wave or me; I was faster than the wave, because I won the race!
Later, I swam deeper and farther away from the sea shore. I felt amazed and
scared because I felt something was coming to me, so I thought I could draw and die…
Then a huge and a scary wave came! I tried to swim back to the seashore, but the
wave was much faster than me! I thought the wave was going to drawn me, but it took
me to the seashore. After that, my dad’s friend came to me and asked if I was OK, but I
was laughing because I felt cool.
This adventure taught me that I have to be more careful, and I don’t need to
challenge myself too much or in dangerous ways.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Your first task!

In order to accomplish your work, please visit and follow the three steps to open an account. Make sure you click on the option English language before entering your data. Design your own blog and personalize it as you like! Then send your blog’s link to:

This is the best space to publish and share your favorite photos as you write colorful descriptions about them! As well, on this section you will be revising and editing your classmate’s picture descriptions and some other previous Blog postings.
A. Correcting My Postings

This space will be good for reviewing previous entries and have fun with grammar, revising, and editing.Sometimes when people are chatting on MSN or any other chatting program, they forget about the right usage of language. When students do this, they may find it hard to write correctly on any other source or program on the computer. This can be seen in some of your current postings on your personal blogs. I encourage you to use all learnt grammar and mechanics and to keep in mind sentence structure as you write.Instructions: